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Change is coming.


"The time has come," the Walrus said.
And all the little Oysters stood and waited in a row.

It's a total labor of love.  When someone says that about their film, people don't automatically respond with, "oh, then it must be a horror film!" but nonetheless it's true.   We had worked with Efren Ramirez (as an actor) on a previous short and when we told him the idea for this one, he got on-board to help make it happen; the kids in the short are part of an acting program where he mentors.  And Couper Samuelson is our Executive Producer.  Couper is the President of Blumhouse and is an EP of such films as Whiplash, Hush, Ouija: Origin of Evil, etc.  And he’s been at SXSW before, having been an EP on two of the past three Blumhouse films that were shown here.  And of course our cast & small crew were amazing, they really brought it and went above and beyond.  We love working with the same cast whenever possible.  We're especially thrilled because we really wanted practical effects as opposed to CGI and are so amazed with what our make-up artists, Josh & Sierra, did to create what we envisioned on a micro-budget.  Morgan Z. Whirledge is another great addition to our short.  Morgan is a synth genius.  He actually just did the score for SpectreVision's BITCH which premiered this year at Sundance.

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